Baekhyun was criticized for commenting on the contract issue at the concert today

Baekhyun comments on the contract issue at the concert today

1. It’s a fight for money. What kind of love is this?

2. Aren’t his words and actions so different? Does he live in another world?

3. His greed for money is endless

4. He loves his fans but seems to love money more

5. He plays with the hearts of people who like him

6. When I see things like this, I feel embarrassed even though I don’t like Baekhyun

7. He thinks fans are stupid

8. He always pretends to be pitiful, pretends to do everything for his fans but loves money more than anyone

9. He seems more greedy than anyone else

10. But seriously, did the fans listen to it and like it? I’m really curious

11. It seems like the kids who say they’re not greedy are the greediest kids

12. I think he’s too greedy

13. Baekhyun, please stop harassing your fans…

14. Then pay the fine to SM and do whatever you want

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